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Excited to announce… I became a MILLIONAIRE!! The week of my 30th birthday, all from real estate and proper money management. Great leap for myself but a small step as a community, unless I can teach you all exactly how to do it too! I’m creating videos on PATREON to teach you all about changing your financial future. Literally just dropping gems in the form of videos to be easily digestible and take on the go. You can listen in the car, while doing dishes, on a run; you get the gist! My goal is to share so I hope you’re picking up what I’m laying down!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill

I’ve separated the content into two tiers:

Money Management Tier

This membership is for you to learn anything & everything about MONEY. Basically what they don’t teach you in school. Topics ranging from how to make money with no money, managing money you already have, and making your money grow with little to no work involved. I’ll also include tips on budget travel, manipulating your credit score, and removing evictions.

Real Estate Tier

This membership is for you to learn about a variety of topics relating to or about REAL ESTATE from A-Z. Whether it’s buying your first property, acquiring a home with little to no money, investment property, wholesaling, or multi family investing. Think of it as your real estate encyclopedia where you can learn all things real estate. If you would like to see a video on a topic that I haven’t covered, simply message me.

Thinking Rich
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Forget everything you think you know, especially if it’s a limiting belief like self-doubt. Whether you have thousands in credit card or student loan debt or even if you already own property, check out the content. I share how to get into wholesaling, paying off debt, buying your first property, and everything else from how I got started to owning over 20 units. Now is better than later and it’s for a steal!

I might know a little something; check out my blog posts.

BUT if you’re ready to start (stop procrastinating) learning about money management and real estate the tap in on PATREON!

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