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Homebuyer’s Guide

When you see how hard it is to find concise resources on what it takes buy a home, you’ll really appreciate this guide. Every seasoned homeowner had to start somewhere…
Use the First Time Homebuyers Guide to
– Know how your credit plays a role
– Understand the home-buying process from A-Z
– Get a take away checklist

Budget Spreadsheet

When you think of things you like to do for fun, creating a budget might not exactly top the list. You’re not alone, trust me. However, it’s ground zero. You just gotta do it.

Use the Budget Spreadsheet to
– Keep your finances in order
– Get out of the cycle of mounting debt
– Revamp your savings

Debt Tackling Spreadsheet

Say goodbye to bad debt forever. Pick between the most popular strategies for paying down debt: the Snowball Method (paying the lowest balance first) and the Avalanche Method (paying the highest-interest first).

Use the Debt Tackling Spreadsheet to:
– Decide between using the Snowball vs Avalanche methods
– Visualize all of your debt in one view
– Establish a realistic timeline to get rid of debt once and for all

House Flipping Calculator

This calculator helps you to decide if a fix and flip deal is a solid addition to your portfolio. All you do is put in the address, purchase, and sale info to see which deal is best.

Use the House Flipping Calculator to:
– Estimate your potential house flip profit the easy way
– Calculate potential profit over customizable timelines
– Include all the costs to determine the true value
– Avoid paying too much for your next flip

Rental Property Calculator

Investing in a rental property is a HUGE decision that involves multiple factors. Before you take the plunge, you gotta decide if and how a property will generate cash flow—AKA make you money.

Use the Rental Property Calculator to:
– Estimate potential monthly and annual cash flow
– Calculate return on investment over time
– Plan for unforeseen expenses

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