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Investing 101

There are lot of folks just starting out in this thing called adulting, you know, bills and brunch. One of the benefits of adulting is that hopefully you’re making a lot more money than 12 -year old you. Now that you are making boatloads of cash or somewhere en route…

3 things you must have before investing in real estate

Real Estate
For some time now, I’ve been receiving questions from folks about how to get started in Real Estate. After some long thought and having the discussion over and over it’s clear that there are really only three things needed to get started in Real Estate Investing. The first one is…

Good debt vs. bad debt: make it work for you

Incarceration’s sister, bad debt has the most new-age slaves while interest is the warden/overseer. But there is good debt and bad debt, all you gotta do is flirt with her a little and she can work in your favor. Bad debt Money you owe, paid out of YOUR pocket, and…

Your credit score: what it is and how to finesse it

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Adulting is that awkward transition of having unwanted, grown-up responsibilities forced upon you. These responsibilities include having to pay all of your own bills, not having the ability to say “f*ck this sh*t” because you have said bills, and keeping up with some number they call your credit score. What…

Top 5 Books for Prospering

Rich Dad, Poor Dad 1. This book by Robert Kiyosaki is a classic and frequently mentioned by many of the greats, myself included. This is a personal finance book that touches on the fundamentals of what it takes to become financially independent. Although not everyone wishes to quit the 9…